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With an Auction sale or purchase, when the gavel falls, you have exchanged contracts

This creates a legally binding agreement between both parties. There is then a limited period of time to formerly 'complete' transferring what is more commonly a significant asset, for a large sum of money.

The auction conveyancing process is therefore condensed into a matter of days rather than months. For both buyer and seller, this speed can prove to be extremely advantageous; however, it should not diminish the significance of the transaction – there are many considerations for both parties.

About Us

Fast Conveyancing for Property Auctions

When you need fast conveyancing for auction sales or purchases, you will be reassured that working behind is a team of specialist consultants at Taylor Rose solicitors dedicated to managing time sensitive transactions. With decades of experience specifically in the property auction market.

Whether its residential, commercial, mixed property or land, sales or purchases we can assist individual investors, developers, limited companies and other asset holding entities. We also have considerable experience of helping individual international investors looking to buy property in the UK.

We can manage transactions with cash, mortgage, bridging or limited company finance and as part of Taylor Rose we have access to the majority of mortgage lenders, including Kent Reliance, Landbay, Precise Mortgage and Paragon Limited Company panels, and bridging finance including Together Money, Commercial Acceptances and Shawbrook.

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